Selection and Storage

We, at Majestic take great care and pains to ensure that only the best of paddy grains are selected for processing at our plants. Right from the selection of grains by our expert purchasers, to the time it is stored for the perfect ageing, paddy grains are checked, evaluated and certified by our team of purchasers, un-loaders and lab experts. Purchasers select the paddy being procured from the heaps offered by farmers, strictly as per our quality guidelines. They also ensure that the paddy loaded for transportation comes from the selected heaps only. A team of un-loaders at the company warehouses and stacking grounds re-check every bag of paddy being un-loaded for its strict adherence to quality parameters and promptly reject any deviations that come to fore. On arrival, the well-equipped Paddy laboratory evaluates the composite sample of the procured paddy from every truck, promptly rejecting unacceptable lots of bags.Paddy is stored in warehouses and large silos imported from My Silo, Turkey to preserve the quality, prevent any infestations and give it the perfect ageing for a wonderful cooking experience.

Milling Plant

We have the state-of-the-art technology Milling Plant imported from Satake, Japan designed to preserve the aroma and taste of Basmati Rice, at the same time enhancing its beauty & lustre. Top of the class Colour Sorter machines selects the best grains presenting the finest rice. We have a fully automated milling plant geared to deliver about 150 MT processed rice per day. 160 MT Dryers and Par-Boiling equipments churn out attractive Golden and Cream Sella Rice alongwith exquisite Steam Rice. Besides the hi-tech machinery, the control of pressure and precision is most important in processing for consistency in quality in hygienic conditions. This is achieved by our long-experienced and well trained production team.